A plant-based meat

- containing only one ingredient, the cashew apple

100% plant-based meaty experience

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Cashewmeetly is a plant-based meat containing only one ingredient: the cashew apple.

The cashew apple is today considered an agricultural waste byproduct which is discarded when harvesting cashewnuts. The cashew tree grows in countries around the equator. In Africa alone, over 20 million tons of nutritious apples rot every year.


The cashew apple is considered in many countries to be what is sometimes called Superfood due to its nutritional content. The cashew apple is low in calories and a natural source of important minerals.

Nutrition per 100 gram (dried product)

Energy1258 KJ/300 kcal
Total carbohydrates51,4 g
– sugars36,0 g
Total fat1,9 g
– Saturated fat0,4 g
Protein4,8 g
Fiber29,0 g
Phosphorus110 mg
Iron3,3 mg (24% of RDI)
Vitamin C45,7 mg (60,9 of RDI
Salt0,18 g
* Recommended daily intake (RDI)

How to cook

Rinse the dried apple in cold water. Boil the apple for 5-60 minutes in salted water, depending on the desired consistency and continued cooking.

The apple is very versatile and can be used in pots, fried crispy, deep fried or cooked in the oven… Or use it in a wok, as a topping on pizza, in a hearty sandwich, salad or why not on a barbecue skewer?

It also works great to put in the food processor and make it into mince. Or make your own Cashewmeetly steaks and burgers along with your other favorite vegetables and spices. Your limitation is only your imagination!

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