Let’s join the
good circle!

- A circular production is the heart of our existence

What we are all about

Our Story

GOOD food for a GOOD cause

Our Mission

Serving GOOD for the planet – At Cashewmeetly we believe in the power of doing good

Our Promise

The GOOD circle -A circular production is the heart of our existence

Cook for a happy planet

The infinity symbol represents Cashewmeetlys circular process, business model and vision.

Cashewmeetly supports charity and part of the profit goes in full to support local projects in the country of production, finances children and young people’s schooling and offers microloans to creative entrepreneurs. By taking advantage of a waste product, we also generate thousands of new jobs for otherwise unemployed women. Both production and final packaging take place on site in the country of production to avoid unnecessary intermediaries and leave jobs with the local population. Our cashews grow wild and are hand-picked and processed before they are finally dried in solar ovens.